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Flugplatz | Mauterndorf
Sa, 18. Jan 2020 - mehr Termine
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In January 2018 the twenty-fourth International Baloon Week, will be held in Mauterndorf, in the beautiful  province of Lungau, Salzburgland.


Twenty international teams will congregate from the 13-20 January 2018, and create a colourful sky show over the picturesque Lungau mountain landscape.


For spectators the Baloon week is a magical spectacle, drawing visitors year after year.

Especially captivating for visitors is the “night glow” event on Sunday the 14th January, at Mauterndorf airport – the glowing balloons will ‘dance’ in the night sky, to music -  this highlight of the week draws many enthusiasts and tourists alike.


Throughout the week the Baloonists will fly a variety of routes displaying their flight skills and creating a moving skyshow, over the spectacular Lungau Winter landscape.

With luck, and weather permitting, the Baloon pilots journey’s will take them across the Slovenian and Italian Alps.

These amazing Baloons can also be enjoyed by guests for Valley and Trans Alpine flights.

Enjoy a chance to experience, at first hand, the exciting views from the sky, and the exhilaration of an authentic Baloon flight.


Valley Baloon flights will be offered at the special price of Eu 190 per person, [normaly, Eu 269 p.p], and Alpine crossing flights, Eu280,per person, [normaly Eu 320].



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